Kebangkitan Rohani Katholik 2014 – 27 Sept 2014 5pm 🗓

The Catholic Indonesian Community (CIC) Sydney is blessed to present KRK 2014 – Heroic Love, and invites you to be a part of this special night.

KRK bertujuan membangkitkan semangat untuk mengenal Tuhan lebih dalam melalui pujian dan penyembahan, yang dimeriahkan dengan musik, tarian, pengajaran dan pendoaan. Guest speaker kita adalah Ancelo Ganda (BPK PKK KAJ), yang terkenal di Jakarta melalui pengajaran, pujian dan penyembahan most beautiful Ukrainian women – jump4loves.com/ukranian-brides/.

Date: Saturday 27th September 2014

Venue: Sydney Congress Hall 
140 Elizabeth St, Sydney (right next to Museum Station) 

Time: 5-8pm

Refreshments provided AND it’s FREE!

Save the date on our Facebook event, like the KRK Facebook page, and follow our Instagram!

SPREAD the word, share the LOVE and be ready for one SPECTACULAR night! 
GOD bless!

Josephine 0413 174 320
Jessica 0410 774 664 
Andrew 0402 450 899

[Announcement] CIC Night 2014 – 13 September 2014 🗓


Exciting news everyone!!!

CIC Sydney akan mengadakan CIC Night 2014 pada hari Sabtu, 13 September 2014 pukul 6.00pm di Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant, The Sydney Fish Market – Bank St Pyrmont (free parking at Fish Market). Biaya $45 per person.

We’re aiming to get a table reserved just for SPJ so we can have some fun on the night on our own!

Let us know if you want to come as we have already had a few people coming so the more the merrier!

Happy Tuesday Everybody!! 

Our First Medal in CIC Games 2014! 🗓

More exciting news!!!

Our first medal in CIC Games 2014 came from Fun Games, Contemporary.
Frieda Lai won the bronze medal yesterday night. ZOAR!!!
We’re so proud of you. Let your light shine as always  😀

Back in Those Days…. 🗓

Since CIC Games 2014 is less than a month away, here’s a video showing how strong SPJ Girls are in 2010!
Though it’s not an official CIC Games, we believe it’s still worth sharing.

CIC Games 2014 🗓

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Hi All,

In case you haven’t heard, CIC Games 2014 is ON in one month time!

This is the event where all the Categorials within CIC are competing in an Olympic like events. In 2014, the event is running from August 16th to September 7th.

Just like last year, we would like to everyone to dress in SPJ’s colour, ORANGE, again!

Our uniform was a HUGE hit. We were the brightest, coolest and happiest looking Team on the field……So for those who missed out last year, you are able to ORDER THEM NOW!

Feel free to customise the numbers (2 digits only) and names (8 letters max. limit)!

The jersey will cost $20. Sizes available: XS-XL. Please email us with your desired Name/Nickname and Number. Latest order is on Saturday, 19 July 2014








[Reflection] Who is St. Peter Julian Eymard

Eymard was born 4 February 1811 at La Mure, Isère in the French Alps. His father was a smith whose second wife was Julian’s mother.All his life Peter Julian had an intense devotion to Mary, the Mother of God. Before his first communion on 16 March 1823, he went on foot to the shrine of Notre-Dame du Laus. Later, he came to know about the apparition of Notre-Dame de La Salette and enjoyed traveling to various Marian shrines throughout France.

Learn more of St. Peter Julian Eymard by reading direct quote from www.Catholic.org website

05 July 2014 🗓

  1. CIC NIGHT 2014 – CIC Sydney akan mengadakan CIC Night2014 pada Hari Sabtu 13 September 2014 jam 6.00pm di Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood restaurant, The Sydney Fish Market – Bank St Pyrmont (free parking at Fish Market). Biaya $45 per person. Ticket dapat diperoleh dengan menghubungi Natisa 0433 931 212
  2. CICSPJ DOA ROSARIO –  Setiap Kamis, Jam 19:00 di St. Peter Julian’s Hall, 641 George St, Sydney (Masuk lewat Sussex Street). Contact: Jessica M 0410 774 664 or Sharleen 0450 646 491
  3. Kami menyediakan ‘KOTAK DOA’ di belakang gereja, bagi siapa yang membutuhkan doa. Intensi-intensi tersebut akan didoakan oleh tim doa kami.
  4. Kami membuka berbagai macam ‘KEGIATAN DAN PUJIAN’, untuk diikuti oleh siapa saja dengan tujuan untuk memuji Tuhan, bagi yang tertarik untuk melayani atau ikut dalam kegiatan kami, silahkan menghubungi perwakilan ministry di bawah ini:
    Singer dan Alat Music, hubungi: Alice  0421 279 480
    Misdinar, dan Lektor, hubungi: Marcella M 0404 197 770
  5. Jumlah kolekte Misa tanggal 21 Juni 2014: $700.42