Play, Pray & Praise God (P3G) Jan 2020

IS IT LOVE? (part-A)

You are purposely made unique. You are preciously shaped by Him. Nothing on this planet has ever been more important in God’s heart than your life. Nobody will do for this world what you have been created to do and be. Let’s learn about God’s purpose in creating each of us so that we can learn to love our unique-self first before loving others.
See you this Saturday after mass at SPJ hall for part-A of this teaching to understand more about the Theology of the Body taught by St. John Paul II. “The human body includes right from the beginning… the capacity of expressing love, that love in which the person becomes a gift – and by means of this gift – fulfills the meaning of his being and existence.”

-St. John Paul II-

Rosary Is Back – 2020

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Rosary Thursday is back! 🙏🏻 The first Rosary this year will be held tonight! Come and join us in worship and prayer. Worship will start at 7 pm (7.10 pm latest). See you all there! 🙋🏻‍♀️🧡

Pray For Australia

In Australia, bushfires have been burning down hundreds of homes and farms since August 2019, and it is still on fire until today! Over 6 million hectares of Australian land has been burned, and the death toll keeps increasing. 😥

But we can do something to help them!
If you want to show your support by making a donation, here are some links to the local state fire services:






Please help our community in every way, donations from the links above, or even through prayers! Remember, every little help counts!
Let’s help for a better Australia! 🙏🏻

CIC Christmas 2019

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It’s almost that time of the year to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Let’s celebrate Christmas together in prayer. Join us for Christmas Eve Mass, Tuesday 9pm at OLR Kensington and Christmas Mass, Thursday 2pm at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Last SPJ Indonesian Mass 2019

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This Saturday will be our last Indonesian mass at SPJ of the year. We have a special Christmas performance from our children liturgy kids, P3G and amazing prizes to be won! Let’s celebrate advent together before the year ends.

Play, Pray & Praise God (P3G) Nov 2019

[e•volve | /ɪˈvɒlv/]
(v.) to develop gradually, or to cause something or someone to develop gradually

Let’s evolve together! Develop our faith and grow with Him through scripture, service, prayer, and WORSHIP!

Come to our very first praise & worship night session next Thursday 28 November 2019!
From 7-8pm.
Enter from Sussex street.

Let’s Level Up! Let’s EVOLVE!

Venue: SPJ Hall
Contact:Harry Liong (0425918925)

Play, Pray & Praise God (P3G) Nov 2019

What is the one thing you cannot buy with money? You have it, I have it, we all have the same amount – but have you used yours wisely?
Come join us this Saturday’s P3G (Play, Pray, and Praise God) after mass to find out how to use your time according to God’s plan!

This time the topic is “The ONE thing you can’t buy”, brought to you by Marshiella Halim.
Join us this Saturday at 4.15pm (after the SPJ mass), so might as well come to our 2.15 pm Indonesian mass! 🙏🏻😇
See you there!

Play, Pray & Praise God (P3G) Nov 2019

The first Saturday of the month is coming up and
P3G (Play, Pray & Praise God) is back again!

This time the topic is ‘How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul’
Join us this Saturday at 4.15pm, after the SPJ mass at 2.15pm!
See you there!

Venue: SPJ Hall
Contact: Lawrence  (0412496791)

Misa Arwah, Sabtu 2 Nov 2019

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CIC Sydney akan mengadakan Misa Arwah tahun 2019 pada hari Sabtu, 02 November 2019 jam 02:15 PM di gereja St Peter Julian, 641 George Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000. Umat diundang untuk membawa foto-foto almarhum dan menuliskan nama-nama yang hendak di doakan. Bagi umat yang ada intensi bisa:
a. Datang ke gereja langsung sebelum jam 2.15 PM untuk mengisi nama yang ingin didoakan dan meletakkan foto almarhum, atau
b. Bisa kontak Randy 0406 232 012 untuk nama-nama yang ingin didoakan.


KRK CIC Sydney

KRK CIC Sydney – Fearless – 28 September 2019 with Wimpie Santoso
Contact: Kevin (0405052939) & Adhika (0449974509)